Smith, Filter Paper Qualitative High Speed 101
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Filter Paper Qualitative High Speed 101, SMITH


Available Diameter:

- 9cm, 11cm, 12.5cm, 15cm, 18cm


Qualitative filter ,quantitative filter paper chemical analysis filter paper with high-quality cotton as raw materials, using modern unique paper technology and advanced paper-making equipment precision-built, which is high purification, homogeneous structure, with definite filtering speed and strength,widely used for scientific reaching ,industry,agriculture,medicine &health and environment protection department and so on ,to do qualitative and quantitative analysis and qualitative and quantitative chromatography analysis and testing purposes.

It is used for qualitative chemical analysis and relevant filter separation, As well as manufacturing test paper of relevant purity.

Ashless: 0.01% 


Packing : 100pcs/box