Jet-Biofil Centrifugal Filters
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Jet-Biofil Centrifugal Filters


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*Maximum initial sample volume: Swinging bucket(10.0mL), Fixed angle rotor(10.0mL) 

*Typical final concentrate volume: 200μL

*Maximum relative centrifugal force: Swinging bucket rotor(4,000g), Fixed angle rotor(5,000g)

*Active membrane area: 5.48c

*Protein Concentration, Nucleic Acid Concentraion, Buffer Exchange, Dialysis, Desalting

*Dead stop: Avoids spinning to dryness, provides a predictable concentration factor and no need to calibrate for several samples to run in parallel

*Available in multiple pore sizes with the following defined Molecular Weight Cut-Offs (MWCO): 30, 50 and 100KD

*Vertical membranes: Aligned with filtrate rather than perpendicular for less clogging, less waste and faster filtration; capable of 25- to 80-fold concentration in a single step concentration in a single step

*Reliable: Spin precious samples with confidence in one robust, sleek unit that prevents leakage

*Ultrafiltration membrane is neutrally charged, rendering it low binding for enhanced flux and recovery. The membrane has excellent chemical resistance and very low extractables

*Temperature range: -20°C to +50C°

*Autoclavability: No



Processing of protein solutions containing biomolecules (albumin, mAbs, lgG, lgM, hormones, growth factors, etc.)


*Acetic Acid (>25%)

*Acetonitrile (>30%)

*Aliphatic & aromatic esters


*Ammonium hydroxide (>5%) 

*Aromatic & chlorinated hydrocarbons

*Butyl acetate (>40%)

*Dimethyl acetamide (DMAC) (>30%)


*Hydrochloric acid (>0.5 Nat 50°C)

*Isopropyl Alcohol (> 25%)


*Methylene chloride (>1%)

*Methyl ethyl ketone (>1%)

*Phosphoric acid (>1 N)

*Sodium deoxycholate (>5%) 

*Sodium hydroxide (>0.5N at 50°C)

*Sodium hypochlorite (>0.04%)

*Tetrahydrofuran (>5%)

*Toluene (>1%)


Packing : 1 Unit