6/ 12/ 24 Well Cell Culture Plate TC
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Size Gamma Sterile Quantity
6 Well Cell Yes (100's/case)
12 Well Cell Yes (100's/case)
24 Well Cell Yes (100's/case)


6/ 12/ 24 Well Cell Culture Plate TC, Flat, Sterilized Gamma

- Individually Wrapped, 100pcs per case

• Available with 2 different growth surface areas of 6, 12, 24 wells
• Available in standard surfareated 
• Uniform well volume ensures equal growth surface area
• Flat well bottom 
• Well surface is smooth and free from striation to maximize usable growth area
• Raised rims on wells with the uniform rings on the lid to reduce evaporation
• Single position lid reduces the risks of cross-contamination and the handling mistakes
• Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification
• Suitable for all common instruments and automation
• Sterilized by gamma irradiation
• Non-gyrogenic