1093125, No. 93 Filter Circles 125mm
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Whatman Grade 93 Qualitative Filter Paper Wet-Strengthened, 125 mm Circle


* These extremely strong Filter papers have a high wet strength due to the addition of a small quantity of chemically stable resin.

* Normal qualitative applications will not introduce any significant impurities into the filtrate. The resins do, however, contain nitrogen so these grades should not be used in Kjeldahl estimations, etc.

* This Filter paper is intermediate in speed and retention between Grades 1 and 4. Available in a dispenser pack, which can be attached to the wall or bench, placed on a shelf either upright or flat, and used as a normal carton or as a convenient dispenser.

* The envelopes are released individually for easy one-at-a-time removal. Package and envelopes are clearly marked for size and content.


Packing : 100's/Box 

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