1827047, Glass Microfiber Filter 934ah 47mm
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Whatman 1827047, Glass Microfiber Filter 934ah 47mm 

Features and benefits:
• Excellent fine particle retention: allows high particle retention efficiency when filtering large volumes
• Binder-free, high-grade borosilicate glass microfiber: enables use with temperatures up to 550ºC
• Available in a wide range of sizes: in circle and sheet formats
• High loading capacity: capable of processing very turbid streams
• Low fiber shedding: improves quality assurance of test results

• Water pollution monitoring
• Air pollution monitoring
• Cell harvesting
• Liquid scintillation counting


Typical data  
Weight (g/m2) 64
Thickness (μm) 435
Particle retention (μm) 1.5
Filtration speed (Sec/100 ml)* 47
DOP penetration (0.3 μm particle) 0.02%
Surface Smooth
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